Voice Acting

How I got started in voice-over.

I’ve been at this now since around 1981 when I got a job at a small AM radio station south of Boston. I started my weekend air-shift by flipping the giant power switch to ‘ON” in the basement. That led to many years at great stations like WBBX, WBCN, WWRX and WAAF!  I wore many different hats from production director to program director to on-air person to sales jockey to van driver!  (not in that particular order mind you!)

The one thing that stuck with me was the voice-overs and contrary to what many believe, it’s pretty hard to do. So difficult in fact that even after years on the radio side, I hired a coach and immersed myself in the business.

Drove the "Urban Assault Vehicle" around a long time ago!

All of this additional investment has really paid off and I’m very grateful to have lots of repeat business from returning clients, many of whom have become great friends.

This website serves as more than just a business card and I hope it will help to answer any questions you might have. I try to post pertinent stories and relevant facts on the blog, so you can get an idea how it all works.

Thanks for stopping by!








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