Outstanding in the RAIN!

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Some more shameless self-promotion. I was featured in RAIN – Radio & Internet Newsletter (click on the image for the article)




How to turn the mundane into insane with voiceover!

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Listen to the genius of Mike Rowe!


Should I Be Auditioning For Union Work If I’m Non-Union

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That’s a good question and here’s a really good answer! - Click here for Backstage article

VO Talent Great Randye Kaye’s Take

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The first paragraph alone says it all! Let’s discuss value:

Value Exceeds Cost: The Designer Voice Talent | Life on the Voiceover List.

Buy Opportunity?

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As one of my favorite clients and as a great service, I hope that this is a correct assessment of the the looming iTunes radio station that has its sights on Pandora Internet Radio. We’ll see, but for now if you’re in the market, maybe you should have a look at this from All Things Digital! –  Click the link below.

Apple’s iRadio: The Case Against Pandora Panic

Pandora’s Box – Slate Mag – New Legislation could fix messy radio royalty system.

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Here’s hoping that this works our for one of my favorite clients – Pandora!

Internet radio royalties: Chaffetz, Polis, and Wyden introduce new legislation to fix the system. – Slate Magazine.

Social Media a Must

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In addition to my VO work, I’m currently assisting several businesses in my area with their social media management. Specifically, I’m ghost posting for these entities because while they recognize the importance of being ‘in the game’, quite frankly, they don’t have the time! My clients are primarily in the hospitality sector and with everything they have to juggle all day, being glued to the internet isn’t on their priority list. Understandable and since I’m in front of my computer for a majority of the day, this is a perfect value added segment of my business. Check out this video which illustrates in bold fashion why social media is mission critical for all business.

NASCAR and the end of the first quarter.

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While on vacation last week and like many from our part of the country, I was tooling down interstate 95 at ridiculous speeds (considering the number of motorists sharing the road) and thinking about the race toward the end of the first quarter. It really is like being in some kind of NASCAR race – both the trip south and the ramp-up toward the really productive period of the year.

I find that right about now, lots of projects are in the works and we’re collectively about to burst with all of our creative ideas at the same time!  It’s sort of like going to the grocery store and everyone is ready to check out at the same time by some weird coincidence. So far, this year is looking really interesting and I’ve had some fun offers. Some might be lucrative and a few others will be just plain fun. One came just this afternoon to help narrate and do some on camera work for a local cable access program highlighting the byways of southern Vermont.  This won’t put us anywhere near easy street but it will be incredibly interesting learning more about the surrounding area and its history.

Some of the proposed projects aren’t going to make it, similar to the horrific accident that looked like there was a fatality causing traffic on the Garden State Parkway northbound to back up for as far as the eye could see. We were also treated to our first live High Speed Chase!  Luckily, on our way home I glanced in the rear-view just in time to see a Virginia State Trooper coming up fast in the passing lane. At first I thought there was a car in his/her way and wouldn’t move over. Wrong. The car in front was the pursuee and Sheriff Bufford T. Justice was drafting him just like they do on TV!  ”That’s going to end badly”, I said to my wife and son as they blew past us. Sure enough, a few miles down the road and four more troopers passing us in hot pursuit later, the perp careened down the center embankment and flew up onto the southbound side of 95 and came to rest against the guardrail in pretty banged up fashion. They had him out and face down as we went past. Now that’s drama!  Like the chase, some of these projects are going to come at me pretty fast and might end badly. That’s pretty standard and I hope that my experience to date will cause me to check out the rear-view so I don’t get banged up in the chase!

Image: duron123 / FreeDigitalPhotos.net

Big News!

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History in the making!

Funny Betty White for a good cause via Hathaway Communications

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James Hathaway of Hathaway Communications is a friend and has had some very interesting encounters while at Orvis and as the co-founder of Clear Path International.  In an earlier post, I featured Betty in the VO booth for her role in The Lorax and here she is again! (I’m not a fanatic, just impressed with her tenacity and style!)

James is responsible for this recent Orvis marketing piece and for the rest of the story, click here. -

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